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How meeting Don Cornelius paved my career path

I met Don Cornelius, the creator of Soul Train, in 2001 while I was working in Hollywood at a post production facility for film and television. He was visiting our building and asked me a question in his glorious baritone voice that was like molasses. I answered and he immediately introduced himself, his eyes looking into the depths of my soul. He shook my hand and said with tremendous gravity, "You have an amazing voice. You must do something with it." I was speechless. After what felt like an eternity, I managed to thank him. He was insistent, not letting go of my hand, and still staring straight into me. He was even more serious this time. "You MUST do something with it!" I shyly told him I sang and that I had thought about trying voice overs, but hadn't really pursued it seriously. Once again he reiterated, "YOU have an amazing voice... really." I blushed and humbly thanked him and promised I would do it.

Mr. Cornelius passed away in 2012. I heeded his advice, but it took 13 years to do. In 2014, I began my serious voice over career and have been thrilled with my path ever since. Sadly, I missed my opportunity to thank him.

So this will have to do... Thank you, Mr. Cornelius. You changed my life by taking a moment to connect with me. I will never forget it. Heaven, I'm sure, is a sweeter place with your golden voice.

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